Sadhanalaya School of Dance



Rigorous set of adavus (basic steps, fundamentals) taught to the children along with hand movements.

Major Bharatha Natyam Items

Alaripu (Rupaka Talam)

Pushpanjali (Nattai Ragam)

Jatiswaram (Kalyani Ragam)

Sabdam (Raga Malika)

Varnam (Arabhi Ragam)

Shiva Padam (Hamsanandi ragam)

Devi Padam (Raga Malika)

Tillana (Kadana Kutu halam ragam)

Ashtapadi (Ragam Charukesi)

This course forms the basis of the syllabus taught to the children.  Depending on their regularity and aptitude, completing this curriculum takes about 4 to 7 years. Dance theory is also taught throughout, and includes all hand gestures, eye, neck and head gestures as well as an in-depth exploration of the origin and history of the dance form.


Again, we follow a rigorous approach to teaching the basic adavus and jathis. 

Major Kuchipudi Items

Pushpanjali (Ragam Nattai)

Tarijem (Ragam Attana)

Ramayana Sabdam (Ragam Mohana)

Shiva Kriti (Ragam Malika)

Bhama Kalapam (Ragam Malika)

Tarangam (Ragam Mohana)

Tillana (Ragam Brindavan Saranga)

This forms the primary syllabus taught to the children. Many other compositions are available to be taught on request, if there is a specific interest. Dance theory in Kuchipudi is also taught, including hand, eye, head, and neck gestures. We also undertake with the students an in-depth exploration of the history and origin of this dance form.


Description of Curriculum